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Shakira Knows How to Work Out Wherever, Whenever - Watch Instagram Videos For Proof

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Feb 11 | By oiam2companyadmin | Views: 163 | Comments: 0

Shakira showcased her iconic belly dancing and traditional choreography - Colombian champeta moves, for one - during the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, as well as her major stamina and core control. Shakira's abs really did look incredible on stage, and we've learned from past interviews that before a massive performance, she works with her longtime trainer, AKT Studios founder Anna Kaiser.

Leading up to Shakira's 2018 world tour, the singer did plenty of HIIT, dance workouts, and treadmill interval routines, Anna told POPSUGAR at the time. Anna will even check in on Shakira via Skype, the trainer said, adding, "the main thing we're focusing on is consistency."

This time around, prior to the Super Bowl, Anna told Shape that Shakira fit in sweat sessions four to five times per week outside of rehearsals and focused on many of the same workouts, some of them dance with strength intervals, others "with 45 minutes of muscular endurance burnout." You can check out a sample of what a week looked like on Vogue. Shakira also, we learned, ate small meals filled with fresh food to keep her energy intact.

Anna has been training the 43-year-old entertainer for a decade, and Shakira continues to amaze us with her athletic ability through and through. Her hips don't lie, after all. Ahead, check out videos of Shakira working out straight from Instagram. Plus, read up on her outreaching influence if you haven't already. You'll be happy you did.


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