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Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: November Week 4

Take it easy leading up to Thanksgiving with this week's meal plan. Peppery garlic prawns and cheese and mushroom quesadillas come together quickly, then use up those leftovers with turkey chili for the win! Continue reading "Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: November Week 4" » Source:...

The Thanksgiving Cake That Helps Preserve My Family’s...

Latria Graham of Spartanburg, South Carolina, comes from a family of farmers. This cake is equal parts her parents: her mothers whimsical nature and her fathers ties to the land. READ MORE... Source:

The "New School" Sweet Potato Pie Recipe from a Nashville...

Johnisha Levi of Nashville, Tennessee, is looking to create new Thanksgiving traditions with her husband. This sweet potato pie is a start. READ MORE... Source:

The Collard Greens Recipe That Tastes Like Mom's Cooking

Darlene Ivey of Statesville, North Carolina, says Thanksgiving is a time that she's proud to be Lumbee (a tribe of North Carolina). This recipe for collard greens is a part of her heritage. READ MORE... Source:

Cranberry–Cherry Chutney Is the Best Version of the...

Nandita Godbole of Atlanta, Georgia, is originally from India, and she wanted to create her own version of Thanksgiving for her family. No matter the menu, this cranberry-cherry chutney is always on the table. READ MORE... Source:

Herb and Salt-Rubbed Dry Brine Turkey

This Herb and Salt-Rubbed Dry Brined Turkey comes out so moist and flavorful, with crispy golden skin and juicy tender meat. Herb and Salt-Rubbed Dry Brine Turkey Want an easy turkey recipe that’s moist and flavorful? Try dry brining! Rather than wet brining a turkey, dry brining is so much easier and less messy!...

Spiced Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a must-have drink for the holidays – spicy, warm, perfect for parties, and super easy to make, especially if you use a slow cooker! This one is simmered with ginger and brandy for a little extra oomph. Continue reading "Spiced Mulled Wine" » Source:...

Kitchn’s Ultimate 2019 Thanksgiving Menu

Here's the Thanksgiving menu you want: Your family will love it, and you'll love making it. READ MORE... Source:

*Never* Cook Stuffing Inside the Turkey: It’s Dangerous

There's a better, safer way to get turkey-flavored stuffing. READ MORE... Source:
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